Healing Oils of the Bible Used Today

Healing Oils of the Bible
by David Stewart, PhD

If you are at all interested in essential oils, this book is a must. I have been using it for almost four years and it seems I learn more and more as I study it. The Bible is full of references to essential oils and Dr. Stewart doesn't leave a stone unturned. You will start to appreciate the Bible more as a result. Here are some summary highlights and contents:

There are numerous references to essential oils (or the plant they are derived from) in the Bible. Some precious oils, such as frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, rosemary, hyssop, cassia, cinnamon and spikenard were used for anointing and healing of the sick. The three wise men (magi) brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child in the book of Matthew. Clinical research shows that frankincense and myrrh are two of the most powerful immune-stimulating substances available, containing very high amounts of immune-stimulating properties.

Discover what knowledge the three wise men may have had that is now being revealed in scientific research.

This revealing book offers the knowledge practiced by Jesus and his disciples when they anointed people with therapeutically active arromatic oils and healed them. This powerful information, lost for centuries, now has scientific verification in successfully treating a host of diseases today.

Over 500 Biblical references to essential oils, aromatic plants, and/or their uses. Book is both scriptural and scientific. Healing is a sacred art, supported by prayer and touch, not a secular science. Contains notes on how you can do a Bible Oils Program in your community.

This book is a perfect study guide to the powerful benefits of bringing essential oils into you daily life. Moses used them to protect the Israelites from disease. Mary and Joseph used them to keep Baby Jesus and themselves healthy. Modern Science shows them to be more effective than some antibiotics and to successfully treat a host of diseases and ailments. Anyone can learn how early Christians anointed the sick with oils and healed them.

326 pages, quality paperback:

Partial Table of Contents:

What are the Healing Oils of the Bible?
God: the First Aromatherapist
How and Why Oils Can Heal
The Biblical Meaning of Anointing
Roses of the Scripture
Myrrh: The Most Popular Oil of the Bible
Extracting Essences in Biblical Times
Oils That Heal vs. Oils That Don’t
Bible Oils Program You Can Do
Catalog of Scriptural References
Catalog of Apocryphal References
Bible Oils Presentation and Study Notes

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