Favorite Essential OIls Story

I'd like to thank Viki Witten for sharing her favorite uses of essentials oils.

When Marketing Scents asked me to write about my favorite uses, it was REALLY hard for me to decide.So here's a list I compiled - I hope you find it useful:

When my grand girl falls and scrapes her knee, I put a drop of Geranium or Lavender to help stop the bleeding and apply Pan Away or Lavender to make it all feel better.

When I'm feeling sad or blue, I apply Joy on my heart and feel an inner smile.

When I feel that tickling in my throat that signals a cold coming on, I put a few drops of Thieves in a glass or water and gargle/drink it to help stop whatever it is before it can even get a foothold.

When my tummy says, I'm not feeling well� from indigestion or a flu coming on, I apply Di-gize to my tummy and/or take it internally and feel wonderful relief.

When I get a mosquito bite or a bee sting, I put Purification on the bite and feel relief and the next day wonder where that ole bite was.

When I'm having a hard time getting to sleep at night, I deeply breathe in sandalwood and feel that I almost melt into my bed. (Sometimes I love to run my fingers through my hair so the aroma lasts even longer!)

When I'm having a hard time concentrating and staying focused,I breathe in peppermint and put a drop on my tongue and feel alert and refreshed.

It's hard to say what is my favorite use of these wonderful essential oils, as I just can't imagine a day without them.

As you begin your experience,I am excited to hear whatyour favorite uses of the oils are.I know there will be many.

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