Allergies Relief Tips for the Pollen Season

allergy season relief

Spring and allergies seem to go together. Allergy relief is on the minds of many sufferers. Here I offer an article I found several years ago that helped me to cope with the challenges of pollens and other irritants.


" My alarm breaks the silence with a rousing version of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, the only melody that is able to rouse me from my deep slumber. I lay in bed, eyes closed, and take in the sounds of another spring morning. I hear the birds singing outside my bed- room window and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. My anticipation for the day ahead lures me from my bed and into the shower.

After getting ready for the day, I pull up the shades and throw open the windows, allowing the fragrant spring air to permeate my small apartment. I sink down into my favorite overstuffed chair to look over my schedule as I finish off the last of my Power Meal breakfast. This is when things take a sudden turn for the worse...

It starts with the occasional sneeze, which quickly evolves into a sneezing frenzy, leading to watery eyes. I feel the congestion building. No amount of blowing frees me from the tightness per- meating my sinuses. After slamming all of the windows closed, I wash my face again and attempt to leave for the day.

I make a mad dash for my car. The pollen count is unusually high today. and the dry, windy weather is making my throat itch. Is there no relief? My only solace lies in the thought that my life will once again return to normal at the end of the summer. ..only four more months to go.

'Tis the season for watery eyes, runny noses, sudden sneezes, and itchy throats. We welcome spring's life-giving power of renewal. We delight in sunny daffodils, berry-colored tulips, and the scent of April showers in the air. But, for many, the warm weather of spring invites the pollen count to skyrocket, causing weeks or even months of congested misery.

An estimated 20 to 40 million Americans suffer from "seasonal allergic rhinitis," commonly known as hay fever, resulting in 10 million lost work and school days. Hay fever occurs when the immune system mistakes an ordinarily harmless substance (aller- gen) for a dangerous invader and makes antibodies to it. The next time the allergen invades, the body releases certain chemical sub- stances, including histamine. Essentially, hay fever is simply an exaggerated immune response. But hay fever sufferers everywhere will agree that this exaggerated immune response is enough to sequester them inside of the house for weeks or months at a time. Most victims of hay fever turn to over-the-counter products hoping to control their symptoms, which range from red, watery eyes to an itchy mouth or throat. But over-the-counter medications seldom do more than provide temporary relief, some wearing off in as litte as a few hours. Certain antihistamines, particularly nasal sprays. may even cause addiction if used for more than a few days.

There is an alternative. Why not try all-natural products to com- bat this seasonal affliction? Young Living has formulated high- quality, all-natural products to help promote balance and overall well-being. Here are some suggestions to help you survive the upcoming months of pollen infestation.

Eucalyptus (code #3535) acts as an antispasmodic expectorant and decongestant. Lavender (code #3575) works as a sedative and antispasmodic and may dull your sensitivity to pollen. Frankincense (code #3548) serves as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and sedative. Roman Chamomile (code #3512) may reduce the severity of your immune reaction to pollen. Try the following methods to reduce the symptoms commonly associated with hay fever:

1. Diffuse these oils throughout the day in your home or at work.

2. Add 5-10 drops of oil to a steam vaporizer and breathe the moist air. Apply 5-10 drops of oil to a tissue or handkerchief. Inhaling deeply from the tissue or handkerchief throughout the day may help reduce inflammation and aid with congestion.

3.Mix a small amount of oil with Massage Oil Base or V-6 Vegetable Mixing Oil and massage into the chest and sinuses. Eucalyptus works especially well for this.

4.Use the oils as a gargle to relieve inflammation and itching in the throat.

Supplements may also be effective in regulating the body's sys- tems, allowing for more mild reactions to allergens. SulfurzymeTM (Capsules code #3543) may be especially effective as it serves to modulate immune function. Omegas IIIs provides essential fatty acids, which reduce the body's inflammatory response. Super B(code #3240) provides essential B vitamins to support the adrenal glands, which are often weakened by allergies.

Stock up on your own supply of Young Living hay fever-fighting products and take full advantage of the warming weather and longer days. Go fishing, fly a kite, playa round of golf, take a walk, go for a bike ride, take your children or grandchildren to the park, get out the old croquet set, jump on the trampoline, eat dinner on the patio. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy spring and summer this year while warding off your hay fever symptoms with all-natural products from Young Living Essential Oils."

My personal favorite? Peppermint -- I carry it with me everywhere and whenever the watery eyes or nasal congestion starts, I sniff or place a few drops on my hanky and breathe in deeply. Mike

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