Sleep Soundly with Essential Oils

I have struggled for many years with sleep.  I tend to fall asleep fine, but I don't sleep soundly.  I never reach a deep, restful sleep because I wake up constantly.

  Also, even though I tend to fall asleep easily when I first go to bed, many times once I wake up during the night, I cannot go back to sleep.

I have used Peace & Calming essential oil blend for about a year either diffused or on my wrists/temples, and it has worked pretty well.  However, several weeks ago I ran out of Peace & Calming and had to come up with my own recipe to support my sleep.

The following recipe is what I have been using.  Since I have started using it, I have slept like a BABY. 

Because I have slept so well, I have felt better during the day and have had more energy.  I will never be without this stuff!

In a diffuser, add the following:

2 Drops Clary Sage
4 Drops Lavender
4 Drops Bergamot
4 Drops Orange

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