Thyme Oil - Your Liver and Your Longevity

Thyme Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant

Thyme oil is a powerful oil with antimicrobal, antifungal antiviral,uterine tonic, and cardiotonic properties. Now, research is showingthat it has anti-aging properties by supporting your liver.Hope you enjoy this brief article that has both educational value andpractical tips.

"Not long ago, I was up at around 2 AM with what promised tobe a raging urinary tract infection. Anyone who has ever had one ofthese infections knows that they are not fun. The symptom are frequencyof urination, accompanied by a burning sensation. After getting upevery few minutes, I finally gathered up my blanket and pillow andperched myself on the throne. In a few minutes, my husband came intothe bathroom with the thyme and lavender oils and told me to rub themin on my abdomen. Ten minutes later I was able to go back to bed andsleep the rest of the night. Now that's powerful!" Karen C. Surprise,AZ

Thymeoil (Thymus vulgaris L.) is not only good for battling infectiousdiseases, but it is very supportive to your liver, and it can help tostrengthen your body's ability to produce glutathione levels thatdecrease with age.

Dr.Ray Sahelian states that glutathione deficiency contributes tooxidative stress, which may play a key role in aging and the worseningof many diseases including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease,liver disease, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, HIV, AIDS, cancer,heart attack, and diabetes.

He also says that glutathione is a powerfulantioxidant found within every cell. Glutathione plays a role innutrient metabolism, and regulation of cellular events (including geneexpression, DNA and protein synthesis, cell growth, and immuneresponse).

Many"anti-aging" professionals work on getting glutathione levels up,including D. Gary Young; the founder of Young Living.

Young Living offers an excellent product named Longevity, that includesthe essential oil of Thyme. Available in soft capsules, Longevity�contains oils that rank among the most powerful antioxidants known.Antioxidants are elements that help to neutralize free radicals andlessen the day-to-day oxidative damage we are all subject to.Antioxidants are thought to protect the skin by attaching themselves tofree radicals, which minimizes the harm they do.

There are currently 62 published articles on Thyme(Thymus vulgaris L.) at PubMed; a service of the National Library ofMedicine and the NationalInstitutes of Health. To learn more about research on the effects of thyme oil, click here

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